Business-to-Business Marketing: Reaching an Audience Through Social Media


Whether your company engages in B2C or B2B sales, social media marketing holds an increasingly vital spot in the marketing mix. Today, all types of businesses engage social media strategies to sell everything from baked goods to comprehensive technology solutions. While the ways in which we reach, connect and communicate with each target audience is slightly different, the groundwork that must be laid for success is similar across all industries.

The Foundation for a Successful Social Media Marketing Program

Before jumping into social networking, companies should take the time to learn how each platform functions. Once a basic understanding of the available social channels is gained, businesses must define their target market and determine which networks their audience is most active on. After all, there is no point in wasting time, effort and budget developing a network that will not contribute to the company's goals.

Complete profiles with custom header images, backgrounds and profile pictures should then be set up. These profiles may be the first impression a connection has to your company, therefore do not leave blank bios, missing contact information or other vitals off. This type of attention to detail in laying the groundwork sets the stage for developing quality connections as the sites mature.

Behind the Scenes

Once a business has fully implemented the social media program, it is important for their marketing teams to recognize that most of the strategy and work needed comes from behind the scenes. What is posted to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram or any other number of networks is just the tip of the iceberg.

The majority of the actual work will go unrecognized by the general public and perhaps may even need to be explained to others within the same organization. What lies hidden below the waterline is the bulk of the iceberg, which includes:

  • A SWOT analysis
  • Topic planning and a marketing calendar
  • Content creation in the form of blog posts, press releases, infographics and videos
  • Drafting of content teasers and status updates
  • Researching social media trends and hashtags
  • Targeting influences and brand ambassadors
  • Setting up ads that convert into new connections, post likes and shares
  • Monitoring social sites for company mentions
  • Measuring each campaign’s effectiveness and ROI
  • Staying on top of the latest site guidelines

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Starting to See Success

After putting in all the hard work behind the scenes to implement the social media initiative, simply stick to your game plan. Success doesn’t come overnight, but with steady and persistent efforts. Use set backs to reevaluate strategy and tweak process flow along the way. After enough time has passed with a consistent social media presence, companies will invariably begin to see success. When done right, it can be a measurable marketing tool that contributes to not only the company’s brand, but to the bottom line.

Riise Walker
Marketing Manager, North America