Lock case 5312/8

Cylinder lock case for heavy-duty doors.

Lock case 5312/8 meets all fire class requirements.
It is suitable for corrosive environments and heavy exterior and interior doors.


Closers for interior doors shall be full rack-and-pinion type with cast aluminum alloy shell. Closer shall be non-handed to permit installation on either hand of door. Closer to be supplied with brackets to allow regular arm, parallel arm or top jamb mounting. Closer to have non-critical valves to independently regulate sweep speed (and) latch speed (and backcheck cushioning.) The forearm bracket shall permit a 15% power adjustment by rotating the forearm and bracket 180° at the door or frame. (Closer shall be enclosed in a molded full cover.) Closer to be Norton 1700/1700BC Series, 1700COV/1700BCCOV Series.