Comfort Hotel Real, Costa Rica

"Costa Rica", a Tropical paradise, located in Central America with the Caribbean Sea on the east side and the Pacific Ocean on the west. It is a land full of rivers, volcanoes, mountains and other isolated hideaways that thrill the senses as no other places in the world.

The new property, Comfort Hotel Real Costa Rica, is located in the Santa Ana area, close to the capital, San Jose. The 156 comfortable rooms, almost all viewing the swimming-pool and the nice green areas, are equipped with VingCard electronic guestroom locks as well as bathroom locks from VingCard's Accessories range. The hotel has a total of 12 rooms for handicapped people, and the VingCard option with the feature that unlocks the guest room for an extended time (optional), is an excellent choice to be used for handicapped guests, elderly people and other who may need a few extra seconds to push down the handle after using a card.

VingCard, together with their representative in Costa Rica, Skandia Internacional, S.A. through Best Construction & Supply Inc. in Panama, are proud to announce the first VingCard installation in Costa Rica at the Comfort Hotel Real Costa Rica, operated by the Grupo Real and the Grupo Roble."