Elsafe launches first Fingerprint-safe

The first to introduce digital in-room safe technology to the hospitality industry over 20 years ago, Elsafe is once again breaking new ground. This week, the company announced the introduction of a revolutionary new Biometric in-room safe. The first of its kind in the industry, Elsafe's Biometric model utilizes breakthrough technology that identifies the user and provides access to the safe via an electronic fingerprint reader built into the safe's front panel. This advanced security feature virtually eliminates the possibility of entry by unauthorized users. For additional security, a sophisticated microchip memory retains a detailed account of who the safe was opened by and when, allowing for complete audit trail capabilities. Elsafe's introduction of the Biometric safe coincides with Microsoft's much-anticipated release of the XP operating system that includes biometric features for increased data security.

To use the Biometric safe, a guest simply follows instructions on the front panel to place their thumb on the scanner. An LED light indicates when the print is read. The user may then record another print or close the door to securely lock the safe. Up to four prints may be scanned, for multiple access capability. To open the safe, the guest places their thumb in the reader again, which scans it for an exact fingerprint match. Upon acceptance, the safe opens automatically.

Elsafe's new Biometric safe is available as an upgrade to the company's highly successful Infinity Collection of in-room safes, introduced last year at the 2000 IHM&RS. Designed with unique modular electronics, Infinity has become popular with upscale properties that require a high level of security for their distinctive guests.

 As part of the Infinity Collection, the Biometric safe also offers advanced re-programmable electronics, flexible battery solutions and sleek, contemporary styling. The re-programmable electronics allow hotels to select a host of customizable security and operating options, making it possible to customize the safe to fit both hotel and guest needs. The Infinity Collection also provides ample room for today’s larger-sized portable computers. With an optional multi-voltage power outlet, located on the back of the safe door, laptops can be recharged while locked inside the safe. This lessens the risk of guests leaving valuable equipment unsecured in the room.

All Infinity installations include a Windows™ Pocket PC-based SafeLink unit that is used to access the safe's audit trail. By connecting the compact security unit to the printer, via an optional infrared link, hotel staff can print out detailed 100-event report of the last 100 safe events. This can be printed out in the guestroom with the guest present to eliminate any suspicion of tampering by hotel staff.

In addition to the new security and convenience innovations, Infinity safes also include all the popular features of previous Elsafe models, such as flash-RAM memory, audible confirmation tone, anti-tamper function and a multi-password protected Elsafe override system.