Elsafe's Biometric Safe Steals the Show at IH/M&RS in New York

At the 2001 IH/M&RS in New York, the introduction of Elsafe's new Biometric safe not only drew curious crowds, it also drew immediate accolades from the industry, winning the two top honors in the prestigious "Editor's Choice Awards" for best new product. The new Sentinel Series of safes was extremely well received as well, and was a finalist in the technology category for the awards, as was the VingCard/ NCR self-service check-in kiosk.  

The awards were presented with great fanfare at the VingCard Elsafe Booth and left there for the duration of the show. This generated throngs of curious property owners and security directors, making the VingCard Elsafe booth one of the busiest at this year's show.

Mats Gustafsson, CEO/president of VingCard Elsafe Inc., stated, "We are honored to have won this prestigious award. As always, we promote innovation in hotel security and we firmly believe that this new product epitomizes the future of the industry."

Elsafe's Biometric model utilizes highly advanced technology that identifies the user and provides access to the safe via an electronic fingerprint reader built into the safe's front panel. This advanced security feature virtually eliminates the possibility of entry by unauthorized users. For additional security, a sophisticated microchip memory retains a detailed account of who the safe was opened by and when, allowing for complete audit trail capabilities. Elsafe's introduction of the Biometric safe coincides with Microsoft's® much-anticipated release of the XP operating system that includes biometric features for increased data security.