Hospitality sailing during the Gothenburg stopover in the Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2002.

On the 29th of May and 5th of June, VingCard and Elsafe took key customers from the Scandinavian Hotel Industry out for sailing in Gothenburg’s archipelago.

Wednesday 29th of May offered our customers, no wind and lots of rain and it was not a perfect day for sailing. Still, our customers enjoyed themselves as they were taking part in an event that many people would be envious of. Thanks to a brilliant and professional crew aboard the ASSA ABLOY VO60, our customers learned about ASSA ABLOY as a company, as well as the experience of taking part in a race like Volvo Ocean Race (VOR). On board they were presented with everything from how the boat was built to the meals served, not to mentioned the lack of comfort on board...

Although the guest sailing offered little excitement during the day, we were fortunate enough to go with the crew to welcome the ASSA ABLOY racing team when they arrived 1st place right after midnight on the 30th. The feeling of being there, surrounded by hundreds of boats, fireworks, cameras and so on, was indescribable and we are sure our customers will never forget that day.

The 5th of June however, offered a lot more wind and a blue sky. Our guests really needed to work hard in order to keep the sails trimmed and there was only enjoyment amongst us as the wind was blowing in our hair and the sun added some extra tan to our cheeks.

After a perfect sailing it was nice to go the ASSA ABLOY village to get something to drink and exchange thoughts about what we had just experienced. And as the evening sat in, we all had a very nice dinner at the pier joined by hundreds of other sailing enthusiast as well as those who only wanted to experience the atmosphere and surroundings by being present at the Gothenburg Stopover.