On the move

Over the last five years, Mark Germain has become well known in the industry as Mr. ELSAFE. As Vice President of Sales and Markting for Elsafe, he invested more than 160 days a year travelling the world to attend meetings and events where he took every opportunity to promote Elsafe and learn more about the needs of the industry. Mark has been able to reinvest this knowledge back into Elsafe by helping to develop new products and business strategies that has allowed Elsafe to remain as the premier safe supplier to the hospitality industry, despite the massive influx of low prices competitors around the world.

But as of August 1st, 2002, Mark will be leaving his possition at Elsafe to join the management team at the VingCard Group Headquarters in Mastemyr, Norway as Vice President of Global Key Accounts for the group. In addition to focusing on the development of routines for the coordination of all key account activities for the group, Marks global network of contacts and knowledge of the industry will provide a strong foundation for the entire group to draw from.

So please join us in congratulating Mark in his new position.´