The Carlyle, New York

One of the oldest, most elegant hotels in New York City, The Carlyle touts itself as "showcase of great art, a purveyor of provacy and sanctuary of refined taste." With rooms reminiscent of a tastefully appointed private residence, a discreet and seasoned staff, and world-class dining and entertainement, the hotel has a long history of hosting prominent guests from all walks of life - world affairs, business, society, the arts and entertainment.

Dominating the Upper East Side skyline and offering enviable views of New York's Central Park, the Madison Avenue hotel is more than 70 years old. Designed by Bien and Prince, it was named after British essayist Thomas Carlyle and, ever since, has been synonymous with privilege. Initially decorated in the Empire manner and later updated by formidable designers, the Carlyle maintains a distinct, understated elegance along with an Art Deco influence that has defined New York chic since 1930.

With their priviliged and prominent guests in mind, the Carlyle opted to purchase 269 Elsafe Infinity Digital in-room safes during its renovation this year. The Infinity recently became the world's first UL-rated safe. In addition, it offers an advanced digital operation and audit trail capability, all of which factored into this important decision for the Carlyle. The "home away from home to the world's elite" wants its guests to feel as safe as they do at home and part of that peace of mind comes from a technologically advanced in-room safe like the Elsafe Infinity.