Elsafe’s Sentinel Series digital in-room safes achieve prestigious UL®-listing

LEKSVIK, NORWAY - (June 25, 2003) - Elsafe International a.s., the world's leading supplier of electronic safes to the hospitality industry, has announced that three additional Elsafe models have independently achieved UL®-listing in the 1037 anti-theft device category. In 2002, Elsafe became the world’s only in-room safe manufacturer to successfully complete the rigorous testing procedure that is prescribed by Underwriters Laboratories, one of the world’s most recognized and respected independent product testing laboratories. In the earlier tests, Elsafe’s popular Infinity™ Digital and the Infinity™ magstripe card-operated version both successfully completed the battery of physical break-in tests to achieve the prestigious UL-listing in the 1037 category for safety and security. Since that time, the durable, heavy-gauge steel body that was originally designed for the high-end Infinity™ Collection has become the basis for the entire Elsafe product line, including the more economical Sentinel™ Series. In the latest round of tests, all three digitally-operated Sentinel Series models achieved the UL-listed designation, including the Sentinel Standard, Sentinel Plus and Sentinel Advanced. This brings Elsafe to a total of five UL-listed models, and reaffirms their status as the world’s only UL-rated and approved in-room safe manufacturer.

The series of tests administered by Underwriters Laboratories for anti-theft devices includes a physical break-in test, an endurance test and a jarring test. In the physical break-in test, a team of experienced testers are given free reign with a selection of tools to try and physically compromise the safe within a set period of time. The endurance test consists of over 6,000 openings and closings, as well as 50 battery changes. With an average battery life of over 2 years, this represents approximately 100 years of normal hotel use. In the dramatic jarring test demonstration, the safe is actually hit with a steel ball to see if the physical structure and electronic components can withstand such excessive force.

Elsafe’s proven strength can be attributed to an array of revolutionary physical security features, including a proprietary interlocking deadbolt mechanism, anti-tamper labyrinths, extended solid steel bolt hinges, and a one-piece cold-pressed steel door.

“We have worked hard to achieve this exclusive UL-1037 listing, because it gives our hotel customers added assurance that their guests' valuables are receiving the maximum level of protection possible,” said Alvin Berg, President of Elsafe International a.s. “Since many safes on the market today can be easily opened within 30 seconds by experienced thieves, it is important to know that Elsafe has passed extensive testing by the world's most prestigious, professional testing organization. Not only does this protect the property of hotel guests, it also protects the hotel's valuable reputation.”