Hótel Aldan, Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

Hótel Aldan is located on the eastern shore of Iceland in a small town called Seyðisfjörður. Some may have heard of it in connection with Smyril Line and the ferry Norröna. Mainly because of the ferry, Seyðisfjörður welcomes several thousand visitors every year.

Hótel Aldan is a two-house hotel. One of them used to be a trade house, so the reception is furnished with old shop fixtures that serve the souvenir trade very well. The renovation of the guestrooms will be done later but the restaurant on the ground floor is ready and has become quite popular. The other building was initially built as a hotel in 1898. At that time it was considered to be among the better hotels in Iceland with its 18 spacious guestrooms and a ballroom. Today, after a complete renovation there are 9 guestrooms and a breakfast room. The times surely change, and so do the standards.

VingCard's representative in Iceland, Björn Gudmundsson & Co, had the pleasure of fitting the doors with one of VingCard' s oldest, but truly reliable inventions. Because of limited space for a lock case in the raised panel doors the owners and the management chose the VingCard 1040 mechanical card lock in satin brass for the 9 guestrooms as well as for the front door which was equipped with a central code block. For the corridor and the linen rooms they chose the 5116 lock case with matching escutcheons. In this way, both security views and comfort were secured at a reasonable price.