New upgrade products for your current VingCard locks!!

Classic Combo upgrade
If you are an owner of an older VingCard electronic locking system*, it is now easy and cost effective to upgrade your old locks to our latest combo technology.

By simply replacing the electronics in the locks (in some cases also escutcheon(s) - see pdf links below for requirements) and investing in a new front desk package you can overnight transform your current lock hardware into a modern and powerful dual smart card/magnetic stripe locking system.

Beside taking advantage of VingCard's newest magnetic stripe based solutions, you can with a combo system realize a set of powerful smard card specific features.

* Upgrade options are available for "VC1090/1090e" optical locks and VingCard’s Classic magnetic stripe card locks.

Auto Deadbolt upgrade
If you are an owner of a VingCard magnetic stripe- or smart card based locking system, it is now easy and cost effective to increase the overall security of your property with an Auto Deadbolt lockcase upgrade.

By simply exchanging the the lockcase and the strikes and re-using all other system and lock components, you can overnight provide your guests and their belongings with an added measure of security through automatic deadbolt projection upon door closure. With a VingCard Auto Deadbolt solution, the door will always be double locked both by the latch and a solid steel reinforced deadbolt irrespectively of whether the guest is in the room or not.

VingCard's Auto Deadbolt solution is beside offering excellent added security, carefully designed to minimize risk of malfunction from site specific aspects such as inaccurate strike installations and poor frames.