NH Barbizon Palace in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the center of Amsterdam, the NH Barbizon Palace Hotel is located conveniently close to shopping, business and leisure areas. 275 luxury suites that include 1 royal suite, 4 junior suites and 12 apartments with all possible facilities have now upgraded their VingCard 1090 optical locks from 1988.

The Security Manager “Tanco van Zijl” at the NH Barbizon Palace who has been working with VingCard locks since the opening of the hotel, has chosen to upgrade to the state-of-the-art DAVINCI dual technology electronic guest door locks. “Our decision of continuing with VingCard products is based on the great experiences with the VingCard product together with impeccable service from VingCard’s Distributor in The Netherlands”, says Tanco. Tanco was demonstrated the DAVINCI system at the Admiral Hotel in Copenhagen and he was then convinced to choose this flexible product. “The usage of smartcards for employees and magnetic stripe cards for the guests is an excellent combination. Being able to read the memory of the smart card to see what doors have been opened is a important tool for the hotel, concludes Tanco”.

The design of the lock with the cover plates makes the look very special and the guests appreciate the combination of style and security. The DAVINCI locks have been installed on all doors throughout the hotel, including office doors, storeroom doors, conference room doors as well as elevator control.

VingCard’s Distributor in The Netherlands through many years, Mr. Koos Burgman at Burgman Security B.V., informs us that the replacement of the system went very smooth without disturbing any guests. The new locking system has now been up and running since the beginning of the year and the hotel is already familiar with the new system which is interfaced towards the hotel’s PMS system NHS.