Nordica Hotel & Hotel Loftleidir, Reykjavik, Iceland

Nordica Hotel, formerly known as Hotel Esja, opened 1st of April, 2003 after extensive renovation and refurbishment. This hotel is the most prominent hotel in Reykjavik positioned in a slope overlooking the Laugardalur (Laugarvalley) where all the main sports facilities, the botanical gardens and the family playgrounds are situated. The Nordica Hotel is now the largest hotel on Iceland, with it's 284 guest rooms, including a presidential suite, 11 conference rooms, an elegant ballroom, a fitness center, an á la carte restaurant and bistro and a deluxe Panorama lounge on the 8th floor with a magnificent view of the valley, the mountains and the sea.

Hotel Loftleidir is located by Reykjavik Airport, 2 kilometers from the city center. The hotel offers all modern comforts and all service you expect at a first-class hotel. The hotel has 220 guest rooms and offers excellent facilities for conferences and functions of all kinds. Adjacent to the hotel is the wooded hill of Öskjuhlíð, an oasis of peaceful nature and downtown Reykjavik is only a 15 minute walk away.

VingCard's distributor on Iceland through many years, Björn Gudmundsson & Co. has installed VingCard Classic electronic locks with VISION software at both the Nordica Hotel as well as the Hotel Loftleidir.

Both of these four star hotels are Icelandair hotels.