Hotel Alva-Park Resort & Spa, Cataluña, Spain

The Hotel Alva-Park Resort & Spa located at Fenals beach in Lloret (Cataluña, Spain) is the first hotel in the world who has installed Elsafe Biometric safes in all its rooms. The building is a new hotel converted from an office building, and has 90 guest rooms. Alva-Park Resort & Spa is part of a group of establishments for leisure and restaurants – all from the same owner. This resort is equipped with the latest innovative technology – all of the best quality. They have also recently installed VingCard Vision locks.

The owner declares that he aimed to introduce a safe that above all provides him with security, innovation and surprise elements for the clients, and Elsafe Biometric combines all these elements. "Definitely, we want our clients to experience the different elements in the room and we believe that with the Infinity Biometric they can experiment the latest technological features. We want to give our guests a memorable experience, and to remember our establishment for the details."

The new Alva- Park Resort & Spa will open its doors on next June, where all their clients will be able to enjoy its large facilities and also the safes Elsafe Infinity Biometrics.