M/V Boa Deep C, Taubaatkompaniet, Norway

An unusual ship for a VingCard installation. It was built in China and fitted out in Spain earlier this year. M/V Boa Deep C is an offshore research vessel, with close to 100 cabins for crew and research engineers. Owned by Norwegian ship owners Taubaatkompaniet in Trondheim, it is the first of 2 vessels and it will be operating around the world.

Recently introduced rules by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) require all vessels operating internationally to have full control of who is on board at all times. For this purpose, VingCard Marine has developed a Gangway Control System which is linked to the VingCard VISION software. The keycard serves as an access control card and swiping it through a card reader at the gangway or helicopter platform registers arrivals and departures. For added security, it may be linked to a fingerprint and photo ID system, which has also been developed for this purpose.

For more information about VingCard Marine’s Gangway Control System, please visit: www.vingcardmarine.com