USS Blue Ridge, Japan

JAPAN USS Blue Ridge, a 620-foot United States Navy No. 7 flag ship, has installed Classic by VingCard and VISION software on 142 cabin doors.

USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) was commissioned on November 14, 1970, at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard as the most sophisticated command and control platform in the Navy. With accommodations for more than 200 officers and 1200 enlisted men, the ship provides all the services of a small town.

Since October 1979, Blue Ridge has been forward deployed from Yokosuka, Japan as the flagship of Commander Seventh Fleet. Well suited to support a fleet commander in peacetime and in war, Blue Ridge participates routinely in U.S. and allied training exercises each year with countries throughout the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean. She performed brilliantly during a nine-and-one-half month deployment as flagship for Commander United States Naval Forces Central Command during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm from August 1990 through May 1991, for which the ship earned another Navy Unit Commendation.

USS Blue Ridge frequently makes port calls throughout the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia. She made her historic port visit to Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China in May 1989 and Vladivostok, Russia in July 1996. The ship has also been cited for rescues of refugees and merchant vessels.

VingCard's representative in Japan was responsible for installing the locks at the ship. During this period, the VingCard staff got to take part in a test voyage and sailed with the staff for 2 days.