Hotel Art Las Cumbres, Uruguay

The five star Hotel Art Las Cumbres is located at Punta del Este, one of the most famous seaside beaches in Latin America. Punta del Este is one of those places which seems to have been kept a secret, combining breath-taking landscape with a typical and individual approach to life. Ten minutes away from Laguna del Sauce International Airport, nested beneath “Punta del Este” Bay is Las Cumbres, in addition to an excellent hotel with an amazing view, home to Ivan Holjevac and his family.

This hotel has expression of individual balanced encounter with nature and a feeling of magic. Each room and suite is completely different from each other, each and everyone with individual names. Guest rooms and suites, each of them with their own special identity, designed in accordance with their names – “Luna”, “Soleado”, “Cielo”, etc.

High quality security products combined with unique design, Elsafe electronic in-room safes, assure peace of mind while staying at this magic hotel. VingCard Elsafe's is represented through Mr Marcel Bez in Uruguay – distributing through Alfa Sech S.R.L.. in Argentina.