M/S Nordnorge - Hurtigruten, Norway

The Norwegian Coastal Voyage (Hurtigruten) is a 110 year old tradition in transport along the coast of Norway. Today the ships on this route visit 34 ports along the way, serving both tourists and local passengers.

There are many ways of travelling on Hurtigruten and a round voyage is just one of them. You can choose between several stretches of the route and also opt for an 11-day round voyage or a “full trip”, which will give you the complete experience, which is considered the world’s most beautiful voyage. There is no better way of seeing Norway’s extensive and beautiful coast. Hurtigruten has for a long time been one of the most important means of transportation along the Norwegian coast and remains so today. The ships are equipped with the latest technology and they convey their passengers safely and comfortably to their chosen destinations throughout the year.

Recently introduced rules by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) require all vessels operating internationally to have full control of who is on board at all times. For this purpose, VingCard Marine has developed a Gangway Control System which can operate stand alone or be linked to the VingCard VISION software. The ID card serves as an access control card and swiping it through a card reader at the gangway or other check-in stations registers when crew and passengers embark or disembark. The system operates with barcode or magnetic stripe technology but can be connected to biometric (fingerprint) or picture ID for increased security.

M/S Nordnorge is one of 12 vessels in the fleet. VingCard Marine’s Gangway Control System was installed on the M/S Nordnorge when the ship sailed between Chile, Antarctic and Argentina this winter.

For more information about VingCard Marine’s Gangway Control System, please visit: www.vingcardmarine.com.