Cape Sienna Resort Selects VingCard®

Signature RFID by VingCard Is Selected to Secure One of Thailand’s Most Luxurious Resort Properties SINGAPORE

VingCard, a leading hospitality security provider and part of the ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Group, completed the installation of its Signature RFID contactless electronic door locks with NFC cell phone compatibility at the Cape Sienna Resort in Phuket, Thailand. As one of Thailand’s most international provinces, Phuket requires a hotel to cater to the luxury market.

“With the recent development and explosion of activity on the island, our hotel was created as the perfect destination for both luxury and business travelers,” said Frank Dreist, general manager of the Cape Sienna Resort. “In order to operate our resort with the efficiency demanded of a high-end resort, we needed a secure, reliable system like Signature RFID from VingCard.”

Signature RFID contactless electronic door locks offer highly reliable security features and provide unprecedented convenience and ease-of-operation for hoteliers and hotel guests alike. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locks allow for contactless guest room entry and are compatible with next-generation NFC cell phones.

“By using Signature RFID, our staff is able to maintain total security of the property with the system’s unique features, including tracking events around the hotel using the system’s 600-event audit trail,” said Dreist. “Our property is able to operate with more efficiency than ever before, not only increasing the productivity of our staff, but the overall satisfaction of our guests.”

The Cape Sienna Resort is fully equipped to provide user-friendly and intuitive guest interaction, including NFC cell phone compatibility, while decreasing the overall workload of the resort’s management and staff. Signature RFID also provides unmatched adaptability and integration – with various designer handles and presentation options from key cards to wristbands – creating a sense of ease and exclusivity for hoteliers according to Vegard Prytz, vice president of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Asia-Pacific.

“The Cape Sienna Resort wanted a unique solution to provide the ultimate in security, with an even higher level of design for its property,” said Prytz. “By choosing Signature RFID by VingCard, the property was able to find the right mix of elements, pleasing guests and hoteliers alike.”

Additionally, Signature RFID locks offer the Cape Sienna Resort the opportunity to go “green”. The energy-efficient locks require fewer battery changes than traditional electronic locks, meaning less waste (not to mention lower battery costs) for the hotelier. Signature RFID’s sealed hardware design also means less maintenance because the mechanism does not require cleaning.

Signature RFID is a secure open-platform system compatible with the three leading RFID ISO standards (ISO 14443A/MiFare, ISO 14443B, ISO 15693) and the new NFC transaction platform for cell phones. By installing Signature RFID locks, the (property name) will be ready to offer remote check-in to guests with NFC-compatible cell phones. After making a reservation but prior to arrival at the hotel, guests will receive a booking confirmation number, room number and encrypted room key access code through an encrypted Short Message System (SMS) to their NFC-enabled cell phone, allowing them to bypass the check-in line upon arrival and go straight to the room, where their NFC-enabled cell phones will unlock the guestroom door.

An informational video highlighting the check-in process using Signature RFID/NFC can be found online at YouTube.

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