Get More with ‘Wire Less! - VISIONLINE by VingCard

DUBAI — MAY 18, 2009 —VingCard, a leading supplier of hospitality security solutions worldwide, unveils VISIONLINE, a new wire-less radio-frequency (RF) online electronic-locking system.

Ideal for the most demanding properties, the RF-Online solution gives hotels a more cost-effective way to streamline reliable two-way communications from individual electronic locks to a central VISIONLINE PC without the need to wire the locks.

“VISIONLINE by VingCard is more than just electronic locks,” said Manit Narang, Vice President Business Development, Middle East, Africa & India. “It offers a complete new array of benefits for the entire hotel, such as enhanced guest services, improved front-desk operations, streamlined hotel operations, increased engineering and maintenance and superior security and control, etc. Therefore, this solution offers something for everyone throughout the hotel enterprise, from guests to staff to managers and owners. We’re proud to add this affordable, next-generation technology to our family of security solutions.”

VISIONLINE is built on the reliable ZigBee™ Alliance high-security open platform which meets powerful IEEE 802.15.4 physical radio standards and operates worldwide at 2.4GHz. ZigBee is the only wireless, high-security open standards-based technology that addresses the unique needs of remote monitoring and access-control network applications. The ZigBee™ Alliance is a global group of companies creating wireless solutions for use in home, commercial and industrial applications.

“The beauty of the ZigBee™ platform comes from its ability to make wireless technology affordable,” Narang said. “Using low power-consumption solutions, it can run for years on inexpensive primary batteries. And, with transmission distances from 10 to 100 meters, depending on the power output and a hotel’s architectural backbone, an RF-Online solution limits the number of devices needed to communicate with electronic locks. That means, instead of using an infrared solution in which one device is needed per guestroom, an RF solution uses only one device to communicate with multiple guestrooms. “Value also comes from the system’s true two-way communications capability,” he added. “With an online solution, communication flows freely between each individual lock and the VISIONLINE PC. This saves hotels considerable man-hours, since individual locks don’t need to be manually interrogated to download the audit trail or reprogram the lock. All data retrieval and information updating can be done remotely from the main VISIONLINE PC, including canceling guest cards and master cards with a simple ’click‘ to the PC feature.”

Additional features/benefits of VISIONLINE include:

  • System remains fully operational offline should a network malfunction occur;
  • Revolutionary, affordable online technology;
  • Operates on high-security standardized protocols;
  • Modular packages enable hotels to customize and select features that best adapt to specific needs. As more sophisticated technology is needed, additional modules can be added;
  • Easy upgrade from existing stand-alone offline electronic locks.

“This makes upgrading from an offline solution simple and affordable,” he said. “This is just one more way in which VingCard is continually developing better technologies to support the growing needs of its customers.”

Narang said a patent is presently pending on the VISIONLINE solution.

“As hotel technology continues to adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of its guests, VingCard gives its customers the added security of knowing the technology they put in place today will be able to support the solutions of tomorrow. RF-Online by VingCard will better position today’s larger hotels to be more secure and more competitive.”

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