VingCard Showcases VISIONLINE at IH/M&RS in New York

DALLAS – November 3, 2009 – VingCard Elsafe, the leading hospitality security provider and part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, will be showcasing its wireless RF-online system, VISIONLINE by VingCard, at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show in New York City, November 7-10. Since its introduction more than three years ago, VingCard has been perfecting this pioneer wireless online system, which is currently the most experienced and tested solution on the open secured ZigBee platform, already trusted by close to 40.000 rooms worldwide today as well as an increasing popular security solution for properties of all sizes.

“Today’s hoteliers are demanding more powerful security solutions that have the ability to adapt to the specific needs of their properties while increasing the efficiency by reducing overall operating costs,” said Rune Venas, President of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality, Inc. “With the wireless online capabilities of VISIONLINE by VingCard, we introduced a product that meets these properties’ individual needs, and enhanced it to improve the control, security and the overall bottom line.”

A demonstration of the VISIONLINE wireless RF-online system will be showcased at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show, Nov. 7-10, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York at booth 3138.

Introduced and commercialized to the market in 2006 as one of the first wireless online systems based on ZigBee technology, a secured wireless open platform, VISIONLINE by VingCard is now the most popular wireless online solution, with an ever increasing demand. The product offers a cost-effective solution for properties to facilitate reliable two-way wireless online communication from standalone electronic door locks to their host security and PMS systems.

Unlike traditional off-line standalone locks, VISIONLINE by VingCard utilizes RF-online communication capabilities that eliminate the need to travel to each guestroom to perform tasks such as reprogramming individual locks, or identifying locks with low batteries, as well as the need for a guest to return to the front desk to change a room or extend his or her stay. With VingCard’s wireless system, important functions are just a click away – such as the ability to instantly cancel master cards without re-encoding or walking to update locks. VISIONLINE by VingCard components also can communicate with multiple rooms at once, reducing the number of network components required for installation when compared to other online technologies.

“By centralizing these functions, properties can expect to increase employee productivity and efficiency of operations, maintenance and engineering at the hotel,” said Venas. “The VISIONLINE system maximizes security and convenience at the property, increasing guests’ satisfaction and ultimately improving the bottom line. Thanks to VISIONLINE by VingCard, the hotel can efficiently schedule, streamline and control maid activities and overall maintenance operations: For example getting online remote reports of what needs to be fixed in each room, remote low battery status of each lock, remote maids employee tracking and location and much more.”

Built on the ZigBee™ Standard ISO 802.15.4 high-security open platform – the only wireless, highlysecured and open standards-based platform to address the unique needs of low power monitoring and access-control network applications – VISIONLINE by VingCard offers increased reliability and performance at an affordable cost. Operating on a reliable and secure open platform like ZigBee also enables smooth interface and integration opportunities for other online devices such as safes, energy management and mini bars.

“As hoteliers across the globe are becoming more conscious of customer’s needs, VingCard is constantly working to provide the highest security as well as ease-of-use and convenience for guests and hoteliers alike,” Venas said. “Today we are the most experienced solution on the ZigBee network, and we are confident that as customers’ and properties’ needs continue to evolve, VISIONLINE by VingCard will continue to adapt to provide the ultimate security for even the most demanding properties.”

VingCard Elsafe is a world leader in developing locking systems for the hospitality industry, offering userfriendly security systems that meet the unique operational needs of hotels and resorts.

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