Signature RFID installed in Royal Palm Plaza


Brazil’s Royal Palm Plaza Selects Signature RFID by VingCard Locking Solution

DALLAS, TX (April 11, 2011) VingCard Elsafe, the global leader in hospitality security and part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, has completed installation of its Signature RFID by VingCard electronic door locks at the newly renovated Royal Palm Plaza in Campinas, Brazil. The largest hotel for events in Brazil, the 500-room hotel offers four pools, three restaurants, a water park and a cinema for visiting travelers and locals alike. The hotel also boasts two children’s theme parks: “Miniville,” for those young enough to enjoy visiting a colorful cast of costumed characters, and “Kata Kuka,” for the older set who would prefer labyrinths, treetop walks, climbing walls, a zip line and many other attractions.

By implementing Signature RFID by VingCard, staff and guests of Royal Palm Plaza can relax, knowing that the property has deployed the highest security possible in an easy-to-use and convenient package. Signature RFID contactless electronic door locks offer highly reliable security features and provide unprecedented convenience and ease-of-operation for hoteliers and guests alike. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locks allow for contactless guest room entry and are compatible with next-generation NFC mobile phones.

“Signature RFID by VingCard is the perfect locking solution for properties like the Royal Palm Plaza, locations that need the highest security but want to provide their guests with the most easy-to-use and convenient solution possible,” says Rune Venas, president of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality in North America. “With Signature RFID by Vingcard, guests can bypass the front desk and use their own phones to go directly to their rooms and start relaxing immediately.”

The Royal Palm Plaza will be fully equipped to provide user-friendly and intuitive guest interaction, including NFC cell phone compatibility, while decreasing the overall workload of the resort’s management and staff. Signature RFID also provides unmatched control and security, with a 600-event audit trail and innovative anti-cloning software, creating peace of mind for hoteliers. Additionally, Signature RFID locks offer hotels like Royal Palm Plaza the opportunity to enhance their “green” initiatives. The energy-efficient locks require fewer battery changes than traditional electronic locks, meaning less waste and reduced costs for hoteliers. Signature RFID’s sealed hardware design also means less maintenance since the mechanism does not require cleaning.

“The energy efficiency and reliable design of this locking solution means that the Royal Palm Plaza can provide the highest security long after renovations are complete, while simultaneously cutting costs,” Venas says. “And at the same time, Signature RFID by VingCard provides unmatched control for the hotelier, a key feature for a hotel like this that prides itself on its flexibility.”

Signature RFID is a secure open-platform system compatible with the three leading RFID ISO standards (ISO 14443A/MiFare, ISO 14443B, ISO 15693) and the new NFC transaction platform for mobile phones. By installing Signature RFID locks, the Royal Palm Plaza will be ready to offer remote check-in to guests with NFC-compatible cell phones. After making a reservation but prior to arrival at the hotel, guests will receive a booking confirmation number, room number and encrypted room key access code through an encrypted Short Message System (SMS) to their NFC-enabled cell phone, allowing them to bypass the check-in line upon arrival and go straight to the room, where their NFC-enabled cell phones will unlock the guestroom door.

An informational video highlighting the check-in process using Signature RFID/NFC can be found online at

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