VingCard Elsafe Awarded U.S. Patent for VISIONLINE Wireless RF-Online Networking Solution


VingCard Elsafe Awarded U.S. Patent for VISIONLINE Wireless RF-Online Networking Solution

DALLAS – March 26, 2012 – VingCard Elsafe, the global leader in hospitality security and part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, has been awarded a U.S. patent for its VISIONLINE by VingCard solution, a proprietary wireless networking platform that connects standalone electronic locks and other guestroom devices and systems, via a central property server.

The official patent documents describe VISIONLINE as, “A method and devices for use in a centralized wireless network, employing a wireless communication protocol to communicate with various devices throughout the network.” In addition to communication, the protocol may be used to control and monitor various aspects of the devices throughout the network.

Originally developed to maximize the networking capabilities of VingCard’s industry leading electronic locking systems, VISIONLINE allows the locks to communicate with the server via online radio frequency (RF), eliminating the need to manually encode keycards, cancel master cards and check battery life.

VISIONLINE is built on the ZigBee Standard ISO 802.15.4 high-security open platform, the only wireless, highly-secured and open standards-based platform to address the unique needs of low-power monitoring and access-control network applications. Operating on a reliable and secure platform like ZigBee provides increased reliability and performance at an affordable cost. In addition, the wireless network enables smooth interface and integration opportunities for other online devices, including safes, energy management systems and minibars.

“Through the development of VISIONLINE, we have made important strides in our commitment to helping our hotel clients streamline their operations and maximize efficiency,” says Tim Shea, Global President of VingCard Elsafe. “And with the award of this prestigious and difficult-to-obtain U.S. patent for VISIONLINE, we are leading the evolution of wireless hotel networking to help further that goal.”

In addition to connecting guestroom devices such as locks and safes, VISIONLINE also serves as the backbone for other industry leading solutions developed by VingCard Elsafe, including the award-winning Orion energy management system. The Orion system is comprised of wireless digital thermostats, occupancy sensors, door position interfaces, remote server software and a comprehensive dashboard reporting interface. Through the VISIONLINE platform, the room control dashboard provides an overview of all guestroom conditions, such as occupancy status, temperature, lighting and total energy consumption. Orion automatically assumes control of ambient temperature when guestrooms are unoccupied. Upon guests' return, the system automatically resumes the preset temperature settings. Orion interfaces with the hotel's property management system to pre-condition the room upon guest check-in and automatically engage an energy-saving mode upon check-out.

“Not only does VISIONLINE provide an effective communications platform for our locking systems, it leverages the power of the most advanced technology available to give our hoteliers a real-time, 360-degree view over all their guestroom and property operations,” concluded Shea. “We are proud to continue our tradition of pioneering new horizons that satisfy the needs of our clients around the world.”

VingCard Elsafe is the world leader in developing locking systems for the hospitality industry, offering user-friendly security systems that meet the unique operational needs of hotels and resorts. For more information, visit

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