Unique user experience 

Mobile Access offers guests a whole new hotel experience. They can reserve and book their room using their mobile phone or device and they can use the phone to check in and out. 

Skip front desk - No queues 

When they arrive, guests can go straight to their room and use their own smartphone to open the door. No need for physical keys or keycards. No need to wait in a queue at the front desk after a long journey. This seamless experience is secure, convenient and saves everyone time. 

Better guest experience 

In improving service levels and guest experience, Mobile Access builds customer loyalty as well as the hotel’s image and brand. It adds value to the hotel’s mobile strategies, making them more relevant to the hotel customers. 

Operational efficiencies and guest service 

On the operational side, it streamlines front desk operations, reducing costs and freeing up the front desk team to focus on other important aspects of guest service. 

Increased loyalty & profitability 

It facilitates one-to-one communication with the hotel guests, ultimately driving customer loyalty and revenue. Together all the benefits lead to strengthened hotel image and guest loyalty, more efficient operations that reduce cost and drive revenue, improved profitability and increased competitiveness. 

For hotels, Mobile Access ultimately leads to:

  • Strengthened hotel image and guest loyalty
  • More efficient operations
  • Reduced costs
  • Higher revenue
  • Improved profitability
  • Increased competitiveness