Achieving New Heights as an Industry Leader

When I was growing up, my parents would load my four brothers and I into the car each summer, and we would make the two-day road trip to Ely, Minnesota for a fun-filled family vacation. One of the highlights of this annual adventure was staying overnight at a roadside hotel on the first day of the trip. While the hotel itself was simple—and even had guestroom doors that opened directly into the parking lot—just staying at a place where the staff was friendly and polite, the breakfasts were filled with family conversation, and the environment was just plain fun, was simply an unforgettable experience! From the eyes of a child, I learned that the best thing about a hotel is the atmosphere created by its employees.

Today, most of our hotel customers train their staff members to provide exceptional service to their guests, and we in turn put an emphasis on furnishing that same superior level of service to our valued hotel customers. At a recent employee meeting, I was asked what the most important thing is that Vingcard Elsafe can provide to its customers around the world. I think the audience expected me to talk about our global leadership or technology innovation, but the simple answer is that any company can provide a product. Some may even provide a great product, but only the best companies can offer consistently exceptional customer service. So the real answer to the question I was asked is to provide the highest level of service possible—every time.

In our business, service has many facets, including:

  • An initial customer meeting with a consultative approach, where we listen carefully and recommend the right technology configuration, based on what a customer’s particular needs are. Anyone can talk about their company’s technology offerings, but at VingCard Elsafe we speak to the customer needs first and then explain the technology options available

  • Site surveys, performed to ensure that all special conditions and requirements are indentified and addressed prior to installation

  • Efficient installation, which is quality-controlled to ensure that technicians show up as scheduled, execute plans as promised and confirm customer acceptance before completing the project

  • Training, in which VingCard Elsafe employees go beyond ‘teaching’ the manual and make sure that each individual thoroughly understands the system

In the hospitality business, service is a core value that our hotel customers provide to their guests, and it  is a core value of VingCard Elsafe. We service an installed base of over 7.5 million doors and install roughly 2,000 new hotel locks every day in 166 countries around the world. I am proud of the consistent local service standards that our associates and business partners deliver to every single customer, everywhere and every day. As the industry leader, we will continue to strive for even higher levels of customer service as our product line—and our client base—continues to expand.

Tim Shea
President at VingCard Elsafe