5 Tips on Improving Your Operational Efficiency


In today’s world, both business and life accelerates at such a fast pace that everyone wants to do more in less time. This type of increased productivity is also the definition of efficiency for some. 

All too frequently, how well a business operation performs is measured and judged solely by efficiency. Whether this is correct or not stands to be debated. In a profound statement made by management guru Mr. Peter Drucker, he stated, “Effectiveness is doing right things, and efficiency is doing things right. The first priority is not necessarily faster, but rather to make sure you are working on the right things.”

Here are five tips for anyone looking to improve the operational efficiency of their business:


  1. Focus on your customers
    Working on the things that matter the most to customers makes any operation effective. In Mr. Drucker’s terms, this equated to doing the “right” things.

  2. Ensure that strategy, plan and day to day priority is aligned with customer needs
    By capturing customer needs through their feedback and translating critical customer requirements into key metrics, an effective management system is put into place.

  3. Direct resources and focus toward the most critical customer service metrics
    Learning that to only focus on efficiency for the purpose of improving efficiency will not provide the right results is painful. Naturally efficiency is gained by not wasting energy on less important things.

  4. Set the right efficiency measurement to guide continuous improvement
    The best improvement comes from continuous progression toward a meaningful but ambitious target. A good target usually is not easy to attain yet has the key stakeholders excited about it. 

  5. Effectiveness and efficiency go hand in hand
    A leader should never lose sight of efficiency measures, yet his or her utmost important mission is to keep the organization effective. Do right things the right way!


Operational efficiency is within reach. Stay the course with these five tips and watch as business is transformed.

Thoughts by:

Lihong Wu
Vice President Operations at VingCard Elsafe