Your hotel stay in the phone – the complexity behind the scenes


Are you a person who has gotten used to having “everything” on your smart phone? I am—at least when it comes to traveling. I handle all my transportation arrangements using airline and train apps or Passbook—including the booking process in some cases. Checking flight status, checking in, boarding pass—all in one place. My phone.
Bits and pieces of the same type of “direct-to-X” experience have been seen in the hospitality domain for a while now. Some of them are relatively new, like loyalty programs with direct to room access, remote check-in and check-out, lobby kiosks for your room key pick-up, and of course all the buzz around NFC and Bluetooth enabling a phone to talk to a lock to provide access to a guestroom.
In our flying experience, we focus on the elements we see as a passenger or guest, such as the functionality of the app, ease of use, or the look of the digital boarding pass with the barcode that displays on our mobile device. The majority of us don’t really care (or know) about the complexity behind the scenes—everything that needs to be in place to allow boarding and assignment of the correct seat. The IT infrastructure, over-the-air solutions, security schemes—all working together to get passengers on the (right) flight.
The same goes for our discussions and focus on solutions for hotels. Bluetooth or NFC? Android or iOS? Tablet or Kiosk? As VingCard Elsafe is a part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, we started from the other end of user experience. To be able to securely create, deliver and store a digital key in a smartphone, we need to provide a complete ecosystem to the market, regardless of the technology closest to the user. The Seos™* system developed by HID Global and ASSA ABLOY Mobile Keys is the foundation that VingCard Elsafe has leveraged to deliver hotel keys to your phone, providing a true direct-to-room experience.
So when considering mobile solutions with digital keys for a hotel, make sure you also look behind the scenes and get a secure and future-proof solution.
Eric Michelsen
Vice President Engineering at VingCard Elsafe

*) Seos is an ecosystem of interoperable products and services for issuing, delivering and revoking digital keys on smart phones so that they can be used to open doors to homes, hotels, offices, hospitals, universities, industries and commercial buildings