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The Orion Energy Management Solution offers savings by degrees, while ensuring passenger comfort. Orion detects passenger presence in the cabin and allows you to control and manage your air conditioning costs while cabins are unoccupied, monitoring and maintaining the same temperature comfort level when the passenger returns to their cabin.

Orion is much more than “just” an energy management solution because it offers full wireless online functionality and a network than can be either set up independently or together with VingCard Visionline wireless online electronic locks.  Orion can help you improve your environmental and green initiatives and contribute to reducing global warming.

Energy Savings – Improve your bottom line

Today, energy is the second highest cost for the hospitality industry. Most of this cost is wasted keeping cabin air conditioning at full speed, even though the passenger is not in the cabin for most of the day. An intelligent Energy Management Solution will allow you to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system and therefore dramatically reduce your energy bill and improve your bottom line.

Ensure Passenger Comfort

Reducing energy cost should not compromise your passengers´ comfort. You can't allow passengers to find their cabins either too warm or too cold when they return. By completely switching off all in-cabin electricity, vessels will increase savings but can also compromise your passengers´ comfort.  An intelligent Energy Management Solution will take control of the cabin temperature when the cabins are not occupied; never allowing to be either too warm or too cold. As soon as passengers return to their cabins, the system automatically returns to the passenger temperature settings.

Improve Your Green Initiatives – Contribution to reduce global warming impact

Environmentally friendly initiatives are becoming a critical factor in the hospitality industry. These concerns are felt by passengers and vessels.  Passengers expect to find environmental actions on board the vessel in order to help reduce global warming: from re-using towels to water consumption and finally recycling plastic keycards. Optimizing the use of air conditioning systems on your vessel dramatically reduces overall energy spending and helps you better position your vessel as environmentally-friendly.

Think Environment, Think Orion.


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