Seos® (Seos) der weltweitersten Multiplattform-Umgebung für die Erstellung, Ausgabe und Aufhebung digitaler Schlüssel über eine ganze Reihe intelligenter Endgeräte, darunter das Mobiltelefon.

Secure Seos Technology from ASSA ABLOY Hospitality Seos®

Seos provides a secure channel over any underlying communication protocol, such as NFC and Bluetooth. Android and iOS operating systems can support Seos, with the technology to leverage mobile phones and other smart devices as an ID credential, implementing a secure vault for digital identities.

Seos powers a range of solutions including among other things:

  • Building/Office space access
  • Residential solutions
  • Computer system login
  • Mobile citizen IDs
  • Cashless vending
  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Find out more by downloading the Seos Product Sheet here.