ASSA ABLOY Hospitality eStore


ASSA ABLOY Hospitality eStore

To meet the growing demand for our keycards and make the ordering process more convenient, ASSA ABLOY Hospitality has launched a new Keycard eStore exclusively for our U.S., UK, French, Norwegian and Swedish customers. Through the eStore you can order new magstripes, RFID Keycards and carriers, 24/7. A comprehensive user guide for our eStore can be found here.

Links to our eStore:

US eStore.
US eStore customers can receive regular updates and discounts by subscribing here
UK eStore
Swedish eStore
Norwegian eStore
L’E-shop France

Please note: At the moment the eStore is available only for our registered customers with a valid Customer ID.

To register, please contact your local representative or call  the customer service for your respective country:

US: 1-800-225-8464  
UK: +441 189 452 200
Sweden & Norway: +47 69 24 5000