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VISIONLINE by VingCard is the ideal solution for the most demanding properties. VISIONLINE is the most complete system solution in the market, whether in regards to access control, advanced security features, integrating with energy management systems or improving the operations at your property.

Add value for yourself, your property and your guests and experience improved daily operations and benefits. Choose between the standard offline version or the more advanced online version providing the most flexible and feature rich system in the industry. With all online functionality provided, you benefit from an advanced monitoring tool covering everything from occupancy to various alarms, guest services and maintenance schedules.

VISIONLINE by VingCard can also be integrated with other property systems. By controlling access, storage and energy from one central point, the result is a highly secure, cost effective and seamless property.

VISIONLINE system integration

  • More Security and Control
  • More Services to your Guests
  • More Efficient and Cost Effective Hotel Operations
  • More Efficient Front Desk Operations
  • More Efficient Engineering and Maintenance

VISIONLINE Network Options

Option 1: VISIONLINE Wireless


VISIONLINE Wireless by VingCard is one of two alternatives of for an online solution in your property and is most suitable for existing properties and retrofits. VISIONLINE Wireless communicates through a VingCard Elsafe high security ZigBee network.

  • Turn your property into an online site by adding a high security ZigBee network
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Cost effective
  • Easy integration with other online systems
  • No need to wire doors

Option 2: VISIONLINE Wired

VISIONLINE Wired by VingCard is our second alternative for an online solution and most suitable for new constructions. VISIONLINE Wired communicates through the existing powered ethernet on your property.

  • No need for batteries
  • No need for battery change maintenance
  • Helps to increase Green Initiative program
  • Utilizes existing network in property
  • Reliable online network
  • Fast response with no delays in communication via network
Features Benefits
Various alarms reduce manual monitoring of the property.
Online room management block users, cancel access, reassign rooms ,etc.
System integration add on to the system to include other product solutions...
Wandering intruder alerts automatically detect if someone is trying to use a card in multiple doors, this automatically cancel the keycard.
Sequential intruder alert automatically detect if there is at least 5 failed access atempt with the same card in the same door. E.g. if a guest is on the wrong floor, hotel can send someone to assist. 
Automatic cancellation of keycards by a press of a key the card will be cancelled in all online doors (both guest and master cards).
Block access to specific areas due to security issues, maintenance, etc.
Track users see the user’s last registered location.
Door ajar alert a message is sent to the server that a door is unclosed.
Reporting cards use a customized card to report maintenance needed, e.g. “electrician needed”.
Audit trail audit trails for the locks or safes2 can be downloaded from the VISIONLINE server without going to the room.
Maintenance report automatically generated maintenance reports and perform preventative maintenance, e.g. low battery.
Maintenance counters automatically detect in which rooms or areas maintenance is needed.
Automatic access keycard automatically activated upon check-in.
Room assignment SMS/E-mail can be sent to guest in advance with room number.
Change room remotely re-assign a room to a guest
Validation period keycards are automatically de-activated upon check-out.
Extended stay guests may extend their stay remotely from the reception.
Card update station in offline scenarios the guests can use the Automatic Card Update Station to update the card and get a room number.
Customized reports define criteria to create in report.
Automatic reports reports automatically sent by e-mail/SMS to pre-defined users/groups.
Unlimited options no limit in number of reports nor criteria to be used.
Payment card use same keycard as payment method in restaurants, shops, etc.
Counter use counters to limit the number of times guests can access certain areas, e.g. 10 visits to the pool.

Please note that features and benefits can vary between the different setups (online/offline/wired/wireless). See data sheet for more details and a full overview.

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