Gender balance and diversity

ASSA ABLOY considers diversity in the organization to be a strength. The Group is striving to increase gender balance at all levels of the Group, including the number of women in senior positions.

Local market understanding is a key success factor for ASSA ABLOY, as the company is characterized by its geographical expansion and new market development. As a result more than 90 percent of managers in the local ASSA ABLOY entities are recruited from the local community.

ASSA ABLOY’s gender diversity policy facilitates  systematic work on gender balance within the Group. Today, ASSA ABLOY works on increasing gender balance by:

  • Making efforts to increase the percentage of women participating in ASSA ABLOY's leadership and development programs
  • Focusing on the recruitment process – ASSA ABLOY gives priority to the underrepresented gender in connection with recruitment (provided the candidates' qualifications are equal)
  • Making efforts to have one candidate from the underrepresented gender on the shortlist in each recruitment situation.

Gender diversity policy

Gender diversity is an integral part of ASSA ABLOY's Code of Conduct and business operation. Gender balance at all levels of the organization across different functions will strengthen the Group's competitiveness and performance.

Discrimination due to gender when it comes to employment and employment conditions, work environment, job tasks, development oppportunities and promotion will not be tolerated.

Efforts to increase the number of women in leadership roles within ASSA ABLOY is an important component of our talent management process ("TMP"). Specifically, managers are expected to examine their organizations to ensure that qualified females are considered for high profile projects, development and leadership oppprtunities.