Vision, en ideell kombinasjon av kraft og fleksibilitet


Utilizing a Windows® software platform, Vision by VingCard hotel lock system is easy to interface with a property’s PMS (Property Management System) and POS (Point of Sale), using standards such as DOS, UNIX, and Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/VISTA/7, among others.

 Our Vision hotel lock system offers a range of possibilities to choose from for your server and workstation needs. You may prefer to integrate Vision onto your existing PMS workstations and server, select a specially designed Vision touchscreen workstation or any other Windows®-based workstation. Vision is easy to install and to use with Plug-and-Play™ connectivity, an intuitive graphical interface and menu-driven software.

By combining "who", "where" and "when" definitions into precisely defined user-groups, this hotel lock system provides flexible access management control that is far more powerful than the fixed hierarchical structures of many other hotel lock systems. In other words, you can control exactly who has access to every door on your property, and when.

The dedicated portable LockLink™ interrogation and programming unit allows you to view the last 100 locking events right at the guestroom lock. Simply plug the unit into any hotel door lock to program it, or to view and download hotel lock events from the entry log audit trail.



  • Intuitive touchscreen technology
  • Menu-driven software for user-friendly operation
  • Modular, upgradeable software with an array of powerful features
  • Operates as stand-alone check-in, or link with as many terminals as your property requires
  • Industry standard Windows® 98/2000/NT/XP/VISTA/7 operating system
  • "Plug and play" ethernet for simple, fast, reliable networks
  • Optional modem for remote reporting and diagnostics
  • Works with VingCard's full range of VingCard Classic and VingCard Signature door locks and accessories
  • Powerful and stable SQL Database
  • PMS TCP/IP network interface option
  • Up to 256 user groups
  • Up to 16.000 system users
  • Up to 99 check-in stations
  • Vision system is fully compatible with VingCard Handheld Service Terminal

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